Gene: LINC01089

Basic information

HGNC Gene Symbol: LINC01089  ?
HGNC Full Gene Name: long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 1089
Location (hg38): chr12:121779608-121803906
Strand: -
Class: intronic
Sequence Ontology term: sense_intronic_ncRNA_gene
Transcripts: 32


Transcript IDLocation (hg38)Length
LINC01089:1 chr12:121799849-121803906 630 bp
LINC01089:10 chr12:121795259-121802964 1530 bp
LINC01089:11 chr12:121799172-121802946 1014 bp
LINC01089:12 chr12:121799553-121802945 560 bp
LINC01089:13 chr12:121795893-121802943 875 bp
LINC01089:14 chr12:121795640-121802933 1024 bp
LINC01089:15 chr12:121780952-121802928 1626 bp
LINC01089:16 chr12:121795298-121802915 1352 bp
LINC01089:17 chr12:121795267-121802910 1220 bp
LINC01089:18 chr12:121799756-121802886 559 bp
LINC01089:19 chr12:121799384-121802604 1282 bp
LINC01089:2 chr12:121795288-121803774 1847 bp
LINC01089:20 chr12:121795990-121802402 1059 bp
LINC01089:21 chr12:121799737-121802154 668 bp
LINC01089:22 chr12:121795272-121802147 1058 bp
LINC01089:23 chr12:121795313-121801985 1319 bp
LINC01089:24 chr12:121799431-121801442 480 bp
LINC01089:25 chr12:121795570-121801007 479 bp
LINC01089:26 chr12:121779608-121800677 1219 bp
LINC01089:27 chr12:121795266-121800506 5052 bp
LINC01089:28 chr12:121795295-121800476 1578 bp
LINC01089:29 chr12:121795281-121800158 810 bp
LINC01089:3 chr12:121797832-121803768 5021 bp
LINC01089:30 chr12:121795272-121799640 3532 bp
LINC01089:31 chr12:121795272-121799632 3897 bp
LINC01089:32 chr12:121795277-121796879 1603 bp
LINC01089:4 chr12:121800814-121803565 2752 bp
LINC01089:5 chr12:121795267-121803484 1521 bp
LINC01089:6 chr12:121793151-121803403 826 bp
LINC01089:7 chr12:121795731-121803110 2245 bp
LINC01089:8 chr12:121795276-121803071 2400 bp
LINC01089:9 chr12:121799739-121803069 759 bp

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
LINC01089 yes no no no

Available literature

  1. Sas-Chen (2016), LIMT is a novel metastasis inhibiting lncRNA suppressed by EGF and downregulated in aggressive breast cancer., EMBO Mol Med
  2. Ragusa (2015), Non-coding landscapes of colorectal cancer., World J. Gastroenterol.
  3. Zhi (2015), The Use of Three Long Non-Coding RNAs as Potential Prognostic Indicators of Astrocytoma., PLoS ONE